The Teachings

John Main’s Teachings

We are very fortunate that John Main had the foresight to make audio recordings of hundreds of his talks. He also wrote several books. Consequently, he left us an invaluable legacy of profound and inspirational teachings on Christianity, spirituality and meditation, some of which are available on this website. (see below)

In our weekly meditation groups we usually start the meetings by listening to a recording of one of the teachings, before meditating together.

These teachings are available as audio CD’s and books from:

The titles of the tracks themselves give some indication of the range and depth of John Main’s teachings. To see a list of his CD sets, including the titles of the talks on each CD, click here.

Here are some of John Main’s teachings in either audio format or as transcripts of his talks:

Click the link to hear John Main’s teachings. It takes a while for them to download but it’s worth the wait!
Communitas Five – Surface and Depth

Door To Silence – Levels of Distraction

Door To Silence – Creative Energy

Essential Teachings T1 – Being Restored to Ourselves

Essential Teachings T2 – Learning to be Silent

Essential Teachings T3 – The Power of the Mantra

Essential Teachings T4 – The Fullness of Life

Essential Teachings T5 – The Self

Essential Teachings T6 – The Son

Essential Teachings T7 – The Spirit

Essential Teachings T8 – The Father


Click the link to read John Main’s teachings:

Door to Silence – The Purpose of Meditation and Levels of Distraction

Door to Silence – Truth

Door to Silence – Creative Energy

The Way of Unknowing – Relationship with Reality

The Way of Unknowing – Rediscovering Ourselves