When you begin to meditate you have to have some motivation. You have to have an objective to get you going, a push as it were to start you on the road. There is no better incentive than to achieve this state of inner and outer harmony.


Peace is a noble objective and a unifying one. In many of the sacred scriptures of the both the eastern and western traditions this goal is described as the state of blessedness, of glory of salvation or simply of life. The sense is of being fully, humanly alive. So, if you want a motivation to meditate that would be a good a reason as any. But once you start to mediate on a regular daily basis in your life, you will begin to realise that soon meditation operates by its own dynamic.


Once you start to mediate you realise that you come to it with a decreasing amount of demands and without looking for any pay-off. We meditate simply because this is the clearest way that we can find to lead us to the sense of wholeness, of oneness, which is beyond our control or possession and which can only be enjoyed once we accept its nature as gift.


In mediation we discover that the acceptance of this gift is what life is given to us for, to be whole, to be one, and thus to activate all the potential that is freely ours for life, for happiness, for being. Meditating is to the spirit just what breathing is to the body.


(from ‘The Heart of Creation’ by John Main)