Daily Readings

Paul Harris, an experienced meditator, in the tradition, has compiled a book of daily readings. It is called ‘Silence and Stillness in Every Season’ and contains extracts of talks given by John Main. It is a great companion to any daily practice. It is available from Medio Media bookstore.

Here is a selection of daily readings from the book:

June 4th
Meditation is important for us because it is the process whereby we keep our contact with the creative centre of our being, not just open but in a constant and continuous state of expansion.

So meditation is a process whereby creative energy is released within us. In our modern secular world we easily forget that we have a divine origin, a divine source, and that the incandescent energy of our own spirit emanates from the spirit of God. We forget that God is our creator and in the forgetting we lose contact with our own essential nature and because we lose this sense and contact with our divine origin we ourselves become dehumanised.

The great task that confronts each one of us is to discover own inner spiritual capacity. That is to say: to discover within ourselves our own potential for creativity, our potential to respond fully to the gift of our own life and to the lives of others and to the gift of the whole of creation. From ‘Door to Silence’

July 8th
A great deal of the interest in the spiritual life in our time has a psychological origin. People are often interested in what prayer and what meditation can teach them about themselves. It is very easy for people of our generation to see everything in terms of self-improvement, self-understanding and so forth. In fact, of course, this fascination that we have for looking at ourselves can be disastrous for the spiritual journey.

There is real danger that if we take up meditation and then do begin to see that we are understanding ourselves better and then begin to follow this line of discovery, we quickly find that we have left the pilgrimage of meditation, which is a pilgrimage into unlimited knowledge and wisdom. And we find that we end up stuck in the limited knowledge of isolation, our own isolation, and there is a very real danger for us that we can become as it were, entranced with ourselves, by our own mental operations. We can become so entranced that we forget we are on a pilgrimage into the mystery of God. The essence of the gospel message and the experience of meditation is not self-analysis but self-transcendence. From: ‘The Door to Silence’

July 17th